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Very Interesting Projects (VIP)

The deadline for submitting your 'Very Interesting Project' (VIP) has passed. 

At the Fontys IT festival, students with their 'Very Interesting Project' (VIP) will be in the spotlight! Visitors of the festival will get a good impression of what students are working on in our education. Visitors will meet the VIPs at various places during the festival. 

Visitors will vote for their favourite Very Interesting Project during the day on 17 May. At the end of the day, three student groups -the VIPs with the most votes from visitors- will pitch their project to a jury and the award ceremony will take place. The best valued VIPs will be rewarded with a prize worth €250, €500 and €1000. 
Then maybe you will be in the spotlight even more...

Curious which VIPs will be at the Fontys IT festival?

Check them out here!

1st: MultiRotorResearch
2nd: Omni FL - light up the cell
3rd: How secure is a scooter alarm?
Calendar in the Cloud Portal for CytoSMART Technologies B.V.
Coco, The Intelligent Virtual Assistant
Optimisation of main business processes of Carleon B.V
The Loop Project
Kind Regards,
Atos [re.shape]
Monada Dominion Metaverse