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Line-up edition 2023

Here is an overview of the line-up for Fontys IT Festival 2023. Soon more info on edition 2024, on 5 June!

Rob Scheepers
Rob Scheepers - Dagvoorzitter
Jeroen de Haas
AI & Business
MrMetaverse - (Aragorn Meulendijks)
The Singularity is Near: The Metaverse will change everything you think you know. (ENG)
Buster Franken
Applying AI for Good
Anita Lettink
The future of work
Jarno Duursma
ChatGPT en creatieve machines
Marc van Meel
From Computer Science to Prompt Engineering: a story of Morality, Memes & Machines
VR Fear Experience
Bumper Ballet
Earth from space (session 1)
Earth from space (session 2)
Tim van Deursen
Machine learning, elephants and a sunset with Celine Dion
Jim Stolze
Bot or Not
Bart Wernaart
Moral Design Strategy – using crowd-sourced ethics to co-design new technology.
Angela de Weijer Woody Veneman
Good Vibrations
Claar Koenderink Kees Velthuijs
AI changes the world
Jo-An Kamp
Panel discussion Exploring the future of trustworthy AI (ENG)
Meet & Greet met het Kenniscentrum Applied AI for Society
Aragorn Meulendijks
Workshop Mr Metaverse
Cinema: Film Fontys AI Debate
Expo AI projects
The Big Swingers